2017 Toyota Avalon excessive road noise

Is my excessive road noise from the car or the tires? I have complained at each scheduled service, but it doesn’t seem to be a concern for Toyota.

We own a 07 Lexus ES-350 (basically the same car as the Avalon), and it’s the quietest vehicle we’ve ever owned. My suspicion is tires. There are quiet tires and noisy tires.

What does the noise sound like? Is it engine or speed dependent? Does it change on different road conditions.

Tires vary in the noise they produce against the road surface, and in how much they dampen or transmit the noise. Noise is one tire rating you will find in Consumer Reports and tirerack.com and other test results. When it’s time for new tires, you’ll want to consider that.

You’ve probably noticed that some road surfaces are a lot noisier than others; sometimes crossing a county line is very noticeable because of this. A few years ago the first couple miles of I-35 here in Duluth were subjected to some kind of texturing of the concrete, and the noise from the highway was greatly reduced, which was apparent from inside the car and when standing or walking near the road.

I believe these cars came new with either Bridgestone or Michelin tires.
The Bridgestone were terrible.

Yes, likely tires. Make/model of tire? How many miles on them?