Road noise

does anyone know how i would go about cutting the road noise down at higher speeds?is there such a thing as a quiet tire?

Consult the Consumer Reports tire tests. They often give the noise level of the various types they test. My Corolla’s OEM tires are very noisy; I can’t wait till they need replacing.

Generally, aggressive performance tires are the noisiest.

Yes, different tires can be very different in terms of road noise. I also find that worn tires are noisier than new ones. In addition to CR, you can check out various tires at While I don’t know how much their in-house tests address tire noise, you will also get some information from the customer reviews. Just look for overall trends in the comments, any one person might right some pretty crazy stuff.

Yes, tires can make a significant difference in road noise. Check and Consumer Reports on which tires are less noisy.

Worn tires usually get louder as they approach the end of their useful life. I’m going through this right now with my Acura. The tires are almost worn to the indicators, and they are REALLY loud at certain speeds. Tire noise, or the lack thereof, will be high on my list of criteria for replacement tires.