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2010 Toyota Avalon - Noisy tires

Excessive road noise with brand new Michelin defender tires (non directional) after having Michelin Premiums before (no noise). Installer claims it is due to a harder compound on the all season tires? Could it be some other issue that is coincidental in timing with the new tires? The worst noise occurs between 40 to 50 mph.


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Can you tell if noise is from front, back or one side or another or from all 4 tires?

The predominant noise seems to come from the front but, that could be because I’m always driving and obviously facing forward.


I’ve been using Defenders for years and haven’t heard excess noise, but maybe I’m accustomed to it. You could try rotating or having them rotated. Front to back. If that makes the noise go to the back, then rotate side to side. Rotating tires has remedied a few problems.