2017 Suzuki Swift transmission

my maruti suzuki wagon r purchased new in jan’2017 doesn’t coast while in gear and when the foot is taken off the accelerator pedal even in 4th and 5th gears. It tends to slow down as if there is some sort of resistance being applied. The wheels have been checked for free rotation, the engine parameters have been checked to be alright. So it boils down to the transmission, what could be wrong with it? the car even takes a lot of time and effort to reach higher speeds , say in the range of 60-100kmph, and after slowing down again a lot a time to reach those speeds on a highway. pls., advise.

Have you driven another Suzuki Maruti to see if it does the same thing? Have you taken the car to the dealer and asked them if this is correct? The car should still be under warranty so if there is a problem the dealer should repair it.

What is your fuel usage rate? That will tell you if there is something radically wrong.

I have another wagon r , same model , there is no such issue with that. Took it to the dealer , they checked the engine and certified it to be ok, the problem is with the transmission , when i told them to open the clutch assembly and check, they give excuses saying, " we have to down the engine and all".
Meanwhile in the 3rd free service i complained about some creeky sound while depressing the clutch pedal, they took 2 days to rectify it, and after which i noticed the performance of the car has improved to a certain extent. it still doesnt coast as freely, but its better than before.

Fuel usage is slightly under par with what the company claims. i get about 20kms to a litre of petrol without running the air conditioner, company claims 20.5 with ac running. so i guess i’m losing about 10% fuel efficiency while running the car with the ac on.

Does the car coast OK with the clutch disengaged? Or in neutral?

Is this the mild hybrid model? If so it could just be regenerative braking you’re feeling when coasting.

Good question Mr. FoDaddy.

yes no problems in neutal or with the brakes