2017 Subaru Legacy -Eyesight issues

The eyesight function turns off at random intervals. Not the weather (mist, fog, 18-wheeler splash, etc.). It occurs on sunny, partly cloudy, day or night. The car is driven on city streets, and after one block to four or five, it suddenly turns off. The most regular trips are 20 city blocks to Walfreens (1.3 miles), church on Sundays (1.7 miles) and return. After turning off the engine, and returning after 10-20 minutes (Walgreen), or an hour (church); it starts with eysight working, and less frequently then the outgong trips, it turns off again. Sometimes it turns back on while stopped at red lighs, sometimes not. It may turn off while idling (wife waits in car while I pick up carry-out & 99 degree temps in July), and then not turn on again on the 1.7 mile return. It also does this intermittently on freeways. Took it to dealer, they said it might be from TPMS I boght. (Radio transmitters in each replacement valve cover transmitting at 432 MHz to receiver inside the house, well beyond the stated 15-foot range of the transmitter. But it still happens after valves/reciever removed. One trip was mad without any orher electronics (cell phone) in the car. It still happens.
Any ideas orsuggestions

Did you let the dealership know that you removed the TPMS equipment and the symptoms didn’t change?


Why would you buy a TPMS system for a car that has a system from the factory?


Trying to think of a reason why I would want to read my tire pressure from inside the house . Nope, can’t do it.

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I didn’t take you for a slacker!
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Obviously, I didn’t describe the issue carefully enough.

  1. I installed these, as the factory installed system only alerts after
    the tire pressure is down 20% or more allowing damage to the tires to occur. Also, it does not indicate which of the tires are low, so I would have to try to get my 68-year old body down and up four times, and the get the old eyes to try to read a tire pressure gauge. (Furthermore, the guages five variable readings, depending on who firmly one pushes them in, etc. Also, no two different companies’ tire pressure gauges read the same.)
    With the after market kit, I have a screen inside the car showing all four tires’ pressures.

  2. I installed the aftermarket kit. (Four factory valve covers unscrewed
    and four aftermarket valves screwed on in their places. These replacement valve stems have some electronics in them, a replaceable button battery, and a radio transmitter. Inside your car, you use a 12 Volt plug to power the receiver, a display screen with LF, LR, RF, RR and display places for a digital readout of the tire pressure for each tire. The receiver is about 1” x 3” by ½”. The broadcasting range is very short. About 15 feet. The instructions indicate that the range is too short for any trailer used behind your car, and that one may get a better reception.

  3. After about two weeks, the “EyeSight Off” warning light came on while driving. That means automatic (i.e. car initiated) braking, adoptive cruise control (adjusts to higher and lower speeds of the car in front of you), Lane Departure control (gentle pressure (or higher, if you select) on steering wheel if you start to drift out of lane; they are all off.

  4. Sometimes it turns off after 2 city blocks’ progress (about 2/10 of a mile), sometimes not until I am traveling up an on-ramp to a freeway (at about 35-50 mph). It may turn back on or it may stay off for the duration of the trip. Once, in a 1.7 mile trip on city streets (never over 33 mph), it turned off and then back on twice on the route. Sometimes it will turn back on after sitting at a stop light, and then turn off before I’ve reached 25 mph.

  5. The car was due for an oil change, so when I took it to the dealer, I told the service techs of the issue. Obviously, with an intermittent problem, they anticipated some days to replicate the problem and the identify it. The aftermarket TPM System was in place when I brought it to the dealer. After three days, they took off the aftermarket valve stem/transmitters and said that was the problem.

  6. I took the car home, took the 12V transmitter out along with the four valve stem/transmitters and put the inside my house as far away from the parked car as I could get. This was NOT done to read the system from inside my house, but to insure that the system was not on, and was far enough away from the car’s electronics that the aftermarket TMPS would not interfere.

  7. But it still occurs at the same random intervals. I am keeping a log with dates, times, weather conditions, where and how fast driven, etc, to see if I can find some sort of pattern. I even drove it with my cell phone left at home to see if the phone could be causing interference, but it still recurred erratically.

  8. I will take it back to the dealer, but thought I’d attempt to find someone else who has had this problem and fixed it. With car troubles, it’s usually quicker to follow someone else’s fix, rather than discovering it yourself.

Thank you.


Well worded. Yes, knowing individual tire pressure is handy. The dealer will often point to the “obvious” cause… anything not factory installed. I had an appointment for an amp install… canceled when a trouble light came on.

I don’t know your system, but there are times when it gets confused and shuts down. I found this article interesting.