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2017 Subaru Forester still in the shop

My 2017 subaru would not start suddenly…it has been in the Subaru dealer for almost a week and they still have not even looked at it…I was told because I didn’t schedule the maintenance…

Thet are condescending idiots. No one can schedule a breakdown.

See if there is a Subaru dealer who appreciates your business.


I agree with oldtimer – threaten to tow it to another dealer. I once took my F-150 to the dealer for a under-warranty rear axle seal. I called each day for 3 days and never got a call back. I went to the dealer and was told by the service rep they didn’t have an “installer”. He also said he didn’t know when it might be fixed. I told him to give me my keys. He couldn’t believe I was going to take the truck. I drove the truck to another dealer and it was fixed by the next day. Later when I got a call from the first dealer asking how I liked their service I asked if she had any authority and she said she reported directly to the owner. I gave her an ear full because I never had my calls returned.

Contact the dealer first on Monday and see when they will check your car. If they don’t provide a time early in the week, contact Subaru and ask them to contact the dealer to get them to perform the warranty work.

I assume you have a free loaner to drive?

Call 'em up and tell them you’re going on a long road trip. They hate it when people go on a road trip in their car because that puts a lot of miles on it and reduces the value when they sell it.


if car towing is included in warranty coverage than i see little chance of the car being towed to another dealer for repair. maybe i am wrong

Chances are that the persons insurance has a towing rider so they just use that.

My insurer does that, but the towing distance is limited to the closest partner repair shop. The car owner pays for any longer distance tow.

For all the issues relayed here with Subies and the dealers, it is interesting that only Subaru, VW, and Fiat increased their percentage of sales last year. Must be some explanation such as its easier to increase a percentage on a small number than a larger one. I dunno.

At any rate, the reason I switched Acura dealers from one 30 miles away to one 60 miles away, is that I would have to wait a week or two for an appointment. Even a week to get a tire mounted. I can drive an extra 30 miles in a half hour rather than waiting a week. I even stopped by one day to make an appointment and the guy said they would get it in right then but I didn’t have the car with me.

Point is, don’t hesitate to try a different dealer and just tow it out of there if they haven’t even looked at it. Who needs the aggravation? And you’d better believe when they get the results of the telephone customer satisfaction survey, they’ll sing a different song.

I have aaa and have had lots of tows in last several years. Buying non running cars does that. I think they will tow it from shop 1 to shop 2 as you say since aaa did not tow it To shop 1

How long is “almost a week” during the holidays when dealers are only open for 3 1/2 days this week? If a car is towed in on Monday afternoon the next business day is Wednesday.