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2014 Subaru Forester - Subaru won't help me

96000 miles 100000 mile warranty subaru forrester 2014 rear wheels not turning
trans warranty approval taking one month so far no loaner until approved have no car for month already escalated to main subaru no effect what are options thanks kc

This is CarTalk. Sorry, you have us confused with LegalTalk. This sounds like a legal issue, not a car issue.

I’d only suggest you could rent a car or ask Subaru to supply a rental or a loaner from their used lot. I’d call Subaru corporate and complain. Beyond that, you’d need to talk to a lawyer.

This warranty must be some sort of aftermarket warranty, because the manufacturer’s warranty on the powertrain only runs to 5 years/60k miles–whichever comes first. To the best of my knowledge, the only manufacturers that offer a 100k warranty are Hyundai and Kia.

I think that you will find out–the hard way–that these aftermarket warranties have so many weasel clauses that it is virtually impossible to get satisfaction from them. Or, in other words, those aftermarket warranties are about as close to a scam as you can get.

Whatever warranty problems the OP might be having are in relation to an aftermarket warranty, not one from the manufacturer. When will people learn that these aftermarket warranties are nothing more than a scam that is perpetrated on those who haven’t done the necessary due diligence?


I still get offers for these worthless ‘warranties’ for 2 vehicles I have not owned since 2001 and 2010!


Someone is advertising them on an overnight fantasy radio program. The ads take the guise of a legitimate public service announcement. A scam perpetrated on those who haven’t done due diligence, indeed!


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Maybe you need to explain a bit more about this warranty. If this involves a 3rd party warranty company then good luck on getting it repaird and even more luck on getting a loaner car.

It’s difficult for me to see corporate Subaru taking a month on a decision so that is why I ask about the warranty just to avoid any confusion. Sometimes warranties get mixed up in the line of thinking.