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2019 Subaru Crosstrek - Seems loud

When I start my 2019 crosstrek it runs loud for a minute or so. Is this normal?

You have a warranty so why not ask this of the dealer ? It could be as simple as the fast idle setting . How long have you has this vehicle and is this something that just showed up with colder weather?


Thank you! I am not sure it’s happened all along or recently. Only became aware which is why I suspect it’s new. I have only had it since July. Brand new subaru crosstrek 2019. It was on cooler side this morning and did take longer to quiet. It almost sounds like it’s down shifting or something.

Is this your first car?
I ask because a properly-functioning engine will normally run at a higher idle speed for a minute or two after starting in cool/cold weather conditions.

Please compare the read-out on your tachometer when the engine is fully warmed-up with the read-out when you first start the engine, and then report your findings to us.

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lol no it is not my first car. BUT it IS my first expensive brand spanking new car ever, so I’m neurotic about hurting it.

I believe it was doing the loud idle even in warmer weather, but I can’t swear to it.

I am noticing that the blue temperature light goes on at start up and seems to coincide with the speed. Blue light disappears as the engine slows.

So perhaps that is all it is.

I worry also because over the summer (got it in July) I kept car running with ac on and using carplay to listen to books and music on my lunch hour. Usually a half hour or so the car and ac and carplay would be running simultaneously. Was worried this may have hurt engine. What do you think?

I will check the tachometer later.


Even in warmer weather, a modern engine will normally idle at a higher speed for a minute or two. My engine normally idles at ~800 RPMs, but even in the summer it will idle at ~1100 RPMS for a minute or two after start-up.

Again, this is normal.

No, this did not hurt the engine. All you did was to waste some gas. :wink:

Now that the weather has turned cooler, my engine will idle at ~1,500 RPMs for a couple of minutes–if I let it. After 30 seconds or so, I “blip” the gas pedal slightly, and the idle immediately goes down to ~1,100 RPMs. After the engine warms up–in about 3-4 minutes–the engine will idle at its normal rate of ~800 RPMs.

Thank you so very much! You are really patient with someone who obviously does not understand cars. Really helpful and reassuring. I will keep you posted about the tachometer.

Yes, please!

My friend’s newish Corolla makes quite a bit of idle noise at first, then quiets down to normal in a few minutes. If your Crosstrek noise seems to be lasting longer before it quiets down, it could be caused by the lower ambient temperatures this time of the year. If so that’s normal.

Thanks guys! Worries allayed!

RPM at cold start on cold morning was 1750. After a couple minutes down to nearly 1000. Normal idle around 750.

Should I have the idle slowed, though?

No, the people who built your vehicle know what they are doing. Just relax.

On modern cars, idle speed is controlled/regulated by the various electronic devices. As a result, you can’t slow-down the idle speed that has been programmed into its Engine Control Module.

It was repeatedly discussed

Read this:

You can skip to the very end:

Thanks, everybody!

Yes, I had already read that article, but my engine doesn’t make a weird sound as described. It’s just very loud. So I disregarded it.