2017 rav 4 idle speed high

Boy did I get the surprise of my life. Leased a 2017 Rav4, and had the option to buy an extended warranty for $1400 6 months prior to the end of the 3 year lease, and I did. Noticed a couple of days ago idle speed in neutral or drive was about 900 rpm ac on or off no difference. After years of driving this car found I had to apply more pressure to the brake than usual as it was creeping forward on me at stops. Today it was just under 1000. So I call the toyota to see if rpm is unusually high, first question ac on or of. I had experimented and no difference. There will be a $165 diagnostic fee. I asked if my extended warranty is still in place. He looks it up, you are good till 2027 and 100k miles, you will not be charged a diagnostic fee as it is covered under warranty. 24k mile so far, in this day of squeezing every nickel and dime out of anyone any time they can I am elated!

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So I bought the lease out at 17k, looked a few months ago, they would give me 28k, crazy days!

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Your seem seem well-positioned there Barky, upside on the lease, repairs covered for 5 more years, good for you ! When my Corolla developed high idle rpms, I had to home-brew the fix myself. Even w/high used car prices, don’t think I’m on the upside with a 92 … lol …

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Hey George, is your Corolla “legal” yet?

Poor Corolla has been sitting unused for the past 30 months. Was considering to get the emissions test done this spring, but Covid spiked again Feb/Mar. Rates dropped for a while afterward, but starting in May, on a significant upswing again. County health Dept recommends to avoid indoor potential exposures if at all possible. So Corolla remains parked, PNO registration status (Planned Non-Use) continuing to use the truck as daily driver. Nothing much accomplished, except that truck seems to like being driven more often, & as far as the Corolla problem, a whole lot of paperwork has been exchanged, me citing common sense, and they citing state regulations. Stale-mate.

Who do you think will win this ?

I expect the resolution will be that Covid cases will eventually return to background flu levels, and I’ll have to go to the DMV to figure out how to put it back into active registration status. The folks at the DMV who answer my entreaties for a common-sense solution seem to have a good deal sympathy, but say they remain unable to help; i.e. my options are either to get it tested, or leave it parked, and drive my truck instead. Given testing currently risks Covid infection, even death by Covid, it’s easy choice to make.

One solution they suggested was for me to ask somebody else to take it for testing. Not gonna risk a family member’s or friend’s health just to drive the Corolla, when truck is available, so another easy choice.

Expecting to receive a little cash from the state, rebate for the high gas prices, inflation, etc so will likely put that toward whatever fee’s I’ll encounter getting it back on the road. Should Covid risk rates ever cooperate.