Idle rpm minimums

I’ve got an '05 corolla. Runs a little rough when at idle @600-800 rpm. From my last car the rpm’s seem a little low when the car is in idle but not totally sure what the specs are. Almost seems like it wants to die at times when the idle gets this low. It is a 5 speed.

700-800 rpms should be about right. Maybe you need spark plugs and a good throttle body cleaning? What’s the mileage?

How many miles on the current spark plugs and wires?  Are all the other maintenance items up to date?

92,000 miles. I just bought it in August but I found that it was leased for the whole five years and was dealer serviced in agreement with the lease terms.

I have put chevron in it every 3,000 miles. But the car does have a tsb out for an idle hunting problem. 90-120 seconds after the car is started the car begins to jump around from about 800-1200 when in idle. I have contacted the dealer about this issue and they said they want to look into if further for 80 dollars. I checked the idle air controller and everything appeared fine. So I figured for eighty bucks I could just deal with it instead. So I’m thinking that these two issues are related.

The tsb said that the fix was a in form of a software download. That’s why I haven’t taken it in.

The plugs aren’t listed to come out until 100,000 miles. I’ve never left them in that long. I like to pull them after 60,000, and they usually look worn out by then.

Also, how long does the idle hunting last? Is it constantly happening once it starts, or does it come and go? And what does the TSB say?

I will pull the plugs when the weather is fair enough then. Yes 100,000 miles is much too long for plugs. The idle hunting lasts roughly thirty seconds or so. I only found the tsb on a forum I can’t find the actual tsb itself. From the copies I’ve seen it just basically says that the idle hunting is due to a software malfunction and that the ecm board just needs to be plugged in and updated