2017 RAM 1500 - FM static

ive asked about all the above and they apparently ruled all of those out, thx you i think i will try another dealership

Get some copper tape and wrap the antenna cable with it. Make sure to cover the connectors as well so that the entire cable is shielded. If it’s works, the cable was poorly shielded to begin with.

The external antenna test equipment that was used would rule out the antenna and cable as being the problem.

Do all FM stations have static or just your favorite station?

all have some sort of static in them some worse then others

It would be nice to know what kind of static you are hearing. If the engine is off and you are listening to the radio while the ACC is on do you still have static then? If not then the static would seem to be coming from the engine or alternator. You stated that the noise doesn’t change when revving the engine so that eliminates a number of things as a possible issue.

Engine off AC off and the stations aren’t clear
Say the station is 93.3 for example it sounds like it is in 93.2 or 93.4 and it’s not tuned in properly all stations will play for a few minutes then they start crackling then go back to clear it drives me crazy and for Chrysler and the dealer to tell me that’ is a weak signal that the radio is working as designed and there’s nothing else they can do sounds like a bunch of bull

Which cheek did they kiss you off on?

Seriously, you could take your RAM to another dealer since this is a warranty issue. You could also raise the issue with FCA corporate customer service.

Thxs for the advice that is my next plan is attack but I’m thinking won’t they see that it’s already been handled by a Chrysler tech that worked along with my dealer remotely and say this issue is closed!!!

Well okay now. Thanks for the explanation as that helps a lot. Does the static happen with the engine OFF?

From what you say about the static it sounds like the turner inside the radio may be drifting in frequency but they replaced the radio and it did the same thing. They tried another vehicle and it did the same thing, correct? If you can tune in a station with a portable radio without any static while getting static from the car radio and the engine is OFF then it seems to me that something in the cars electrical system is generating excessive noise. Engineers spend a lot of time to try and eliminate these kind issues when they design the electrical systems.

All you have to do is say your problem has not been solved . Have you contacted corporate ? Did you by this new or used and did the radio actually work properly at one time.

Sometimes it just is not worth the hassle and seeing if a stereo shop has a solution or a replacement unit that works.

It does happen while the engine is off and that’s exactly what I told them that maybe there is something witthin the Electrical system that’s causing the static because I’ve had a tail light and a reverse light bulb blow but they assured me that has nothing to do with the radio (meaning they didn’t want to dive into anything like that) also when driving I watch as the radio St symbol fades in and out

I purchased used with 20000 miles and took it back the next day for radio static

It seems a bit early in the life of the car for lights to go out, but it happens. I would check the charging system to make sure the charging voltage is within normal limits.

Since the noise happens while the engine is OFF then that eliminates things like the ignition system as the cause. The noise might be coming in from the power lead to the radio. That kind of pickup requires some filtering of the power buss. It would be nice to know what kind of noise suppression design they use on you vehicle. The best thing that could be done is to find out what is causing the noise and eliminate the noise there.

Watching the ‘ST’ light go off and on doesn’t really mean too much as it can do that just about anywhere, depending on how the station signal is being picked up.

I would see if the noise is still heard without the antenna connected up. That may indicate that the noise is coming in on the power buss.

Removing fuses that supply power to things like modules while listening to the noise may help pin down which circuit is generating the noise.

That puts this in a different light . I can see why the dealer might not be able to have the work done at corporate expense . It also might explain why it was back on the market so soon.
It might say in your manual how much warranty the second owner has.

It still has over a year left on the warranty and the veh was a lease turned in

You only have their assurance that they worked with Chrysler, my guess is that they are lying, the same way they lied about another truck doing the same thing. Why, at this point, do you believe anything they tell you?

Very true. I’m going to call another dealer Monday morning

2017 1500 Big Horn

Is there a way to have the defrost come on when I hit the remote start ive tried everything I can think of… My after market remote in my 02 dodge I would just turn it on the night before and it be on when I went out in the am…

There may be a way through Uconnect. You’d need to ask the dealer.

Any result about your static problem ?