2016 Nissan Quest - Peeling paint

Nissan Quest 2016 (white) peeling paint since 2019
Notified Nissan dealership who referred me to Nissan headquarters - and i was asked to go to authorized paint shop for review. After review the details were sent to local Nissan shop and the headquarters office. I was told that car was out of warranty. Currently peeling is worse. Have several spots that are rusting through as paint was so thin. A big piece recently peeled on the trunk.

Guess not enough Quest owners to force Nissan to fix the problem.

Try searching through past posts on the Car Talk forums to see if this issue has arisen here before. Forum search link upper right, this page.

Complete waste of time for this 8 year old vehicle that has already been turned down by Nissan.

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8 years old

How are they supposed to do that, they have no idea where the “Car Talk Forums” are.

hmmm … well that’s a bit of a problem, eh? I guess if someone suggested I search the Car Talk forums my first action would be to Google ‘Car Talk Forums’. I wonder if that would help?

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Doesn’t really matter. You’re going to need to have a body shop repaint the affected panels, especially if rust is already firming. The shop will likely conclude though that the primer needs to be removed too in order to insure adhesion. Probably was a problem from the factory but too late now without a class action effort. You can always file for the cost afterwards


No automaker is going to pay to repaint an eight year old car!


Didn’t Toyota offer a pretty generous extended warranty for some paint problems they experienced about 10 years ago? IIRC it was in the 8 year range.

My own Corolla had a few paint blotches when brand new. The dealership went out of their way to say they’d repaint the car for free if I wanted. But holding to the philosophy that the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t, I just lived with the paint blotches, which are still there.

I looked up your Quest at NHTSA.gov. This isn’t a safety issue and you shouldn’t expect a recall. I did look at complaints and manufacture communications. There were no mentions of paint problems. You might find matching paint in spray cans. Drcolorchip.com shows a white pearl tricoat, kind of a beige. I guess that’s your color. You could clean, sand, and reclean the areas that need paint and spray this on. It won’t look new, but will look a lot better than what you have now. I did spot painting on a car that I sold and the guy that bought it liked the respray.

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Toyota’s painted in Blizzard Pearl white or super white could have a 14yr extended warranty for paint defects depending on the model. Mom’s 2010 is about to turn 15 in July but the Blizzard Pearl paint doesn’t appear to have any problems and looks like it did new. Toyota has had a number of complaints to NHTSA about the problem and has added models since the original list.


This appears to be a common problem with many Nissans and some Infinitis, but Nissan isn’t doing much about it except for a class action lawsuit settlement that didn’t cover the Quest.

When the roof panel on my 2006 Corolla started turning to rust around 2016ish from fading really bad, I saved up (money was tight and had other priority’s like Netflix lol) for about 6 months, I saw lots of blue and silver Corollas with rusting roofs and I never looked into getting a free paint job, I just took it down to the local Econo Paint shop and gave them $300.00 to have the roof prepped and painted, no body work…

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