2017 Nissan Murano - hood glare

The glare from the hood on my Murano is very annoying, bright enough to give migraine, and very unsafe every morning and afternoon. Should the windshield be tinted with a 4” dark strip on the bottom next to the dash? If a matte black is attached to the hood, can I go through the car washes?

NO to the windshield tint.
If you have matte black wrap applied to the hood, if properly applied , yes it can go through a car wash. The ‘racing’ stripe you see on many cars are applied over the paint.
But have you tried a pair of quality polarized sunglasses?



Yes. I would suggest a matte black (or even the car’s color in a matte finish) vinyl wrap or stripe for the hood. Use the best product you can buy (3M brand) and avoid the brush-type car washes. It should last 3 to 5 years but can then be peeled off and re-applied.

I second the polarized glasses recommendation. This is what they are best at.

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When I switched from “regular” sunglasses to polarized sunglasses about 20 years ago, I was amazed at the difference.