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2017 Nissan Maxima - Seems to rev high

Do Nissan Maxima’s rev high? Was on highway going 45mph and car sounded like it was going 80mph. Very loud and rpm’s were high. Is that the norm for newer Nissan cars with the xtronic CVT transmission?

Look at your tachometer. At 45 MPH, just approximately, RPM should be under 1500. If not, then transmission is not shifting correctly. Take it in and have it repaired under your warranty.
When did it start doing this?


Without knowing more I would also ask if this happened just once. If so, could you have unknowingly tapped a paddle shifter (left), or accidentally moved the gear shift lever to the “drop down” manual shifter position? I have done that a few times accidentally.

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Has anyone done any service on this transmission, especially recently? If so, are you sure the correct fluid was used?

What number is the tachometer showing when this happens?

Many years ago, I drove most of the way from Cincinnati to Dayton in second gear, and because I was…
let’s just say… distracted… I didn’t notice my mistake for quite a few miles.