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2017 Nissan Armada - visibility in rain

My wife and i purchased a new Armada in October 2017, it has +/- 5000 miles and we have trouble with the driver and passenger side windows. When it rains the windows accumulate rainwater to the point the sid emirrors can not be seen and we can barely see out of the windows. On every other car i have had in the last 40 years the outer window seal would act as a squeegee and clean the window. After 2 trips to the dealer and a meeting with a Nissan Rep the best advice we were given was to apply Rain-X. I have not tried this but the car is not safe to drive in the rain. Any suggestons? My wife likes the car but i am ready to trade it in for a Ford. Thanks, Doug Truston

I would try the Rainx first. A lot cheaper than a new car!

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