2017 Mitsubishi Outlander - Brake ade

Brakes fade at speeds over 60 mph stopping

And? The car is five years old. Did you have your brake fluid changed at the recommended time, usually every three years?
Did you use OEM rotors and pads at last brake service?


Get your brake system inspected asap. Could be worn rotors, worn pads, low brake fluid, sticking calipers, among others. Feel all four wheels after a drive. Does one wheel feel much hotter than the others?


It also depends how you use your brakes. Repeated hard stops from above 60 mph can overheat the brakes, leading to brake fade.

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Live in city. Most times not going over 60mph. Only on hiway

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You have not yet responded to the questions about brake service history.

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Virtually no one changes the brake fluid in 3 to 5 years, and to be honest most cars go their whole life on the original brake fluid. If this was a 15 or 20 year old car, I might buy the argument that old brake fluid is impacting the braking distance, but on a 5 year old model, I have a difficult time believing that. A more probable explanation is that the brake pads/shoes are worn out, or that the driver is driving too aggressively and having to brake too often as a result.

I change my brake fluid every 3 years, as do almost all of my friends and relatives. The ones that don’t adhere to a 3 year change schedule usually do it every 4 years or so.

That is a likely explanation, and when the OP has his brake pads replaced, it would be an excellent opportunity to have his brake fluid flushed.

All of our recent cars have required regular brake fluid changes every three years, so I question this.

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