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2017 Mitsubishi Mirage - Where to get Brake Service?

need brakes for mitsubishi Mirage - where is the best place to take the car for repair - Mitsubishi dealership has very low rating

Since it is still under warranty —though brakes are a wear item and not covered—I would go to the dealer.
Note, there will be opposing views.

Don’t know where you are located so giving a shop recommendation is impossible . That is why Yelp and Angies List exist. Or you can ask friends , relatives or co-workers for places.

Worn brakes are easy to fix and the dealer may charge a little more but they can do it and the coffee isn’t too bad.

Try to find a reputable auto repair shop near your place. Ask recommendations from your friends.

Actually go to a real mechanic. I would not go to a chain store unless a particular store is recommended. Years ago, I took a co worker to pick up his car at “We be brakes”. He chose it because he had a coupon. I saw a worker, who certainly was not a mechanic, remove rear drum brake shoes and hardware by prying them off with a large screwdriver; while he turned his head.

My wife’s niece needed new front tires at 32,000 miles or so. She took to a chain store that sold that brand of tires. The salesman quoted $2600 for 2 tires and brakes. He dd not look at the car except through the window. He said at 32,000 miles she must need brakes.

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