Car Maintenance Dilemma---Private Person or Auto Shop?

I am on a really tight budget and need to get new front and rear brakes (my front brakes were at 30 and my rear brakes were at 40 in May of last year) and I need a major service ie tune-up (last tune up was March 2007).

I have a 2000 Honda civic dx coupe, drum brakes, basemodel, 147,000 miles and she has been through a few bang-ups, but still runs good and when washed, looks pretty nice.:slight_smile:

The dilemma is that the shop I go to will charge about $735 for both procedures combined, not including tax, and with the use of coupons. they also warranty their work for 3 years.

My boyfriend’s relative will do the job of 400 or less. He is a former auto mechanic who now works on the side as a mechanic, earns decent money, but doesn’t work out of a shop.

I thought that if I get my car fixed at a shop, i have more protection if something goes wrong in my car due to the repair. is that true? If i go to a private person, am i more responsible for problems than if I go to a dealership?

Posted by: CamarroGirl

All you’ve said is true. IMHO you’ve answered your own questions.

for something as important as brake work, I think the extra warranty would be well worth the extra money, especially for 3 years.

How do feel about having the shop do the brakes, and the bf’s relative do the tune up? The tune up is replacing parts that are pretty easy to get to on your car, and the relative should have the expertise to do this job properly. Just a thought.