Hyundai Sonata muffler & brakes done?

I need to get my muffler and my brakes done. Is it better to go to the dealership, a car repair center or a specialist (like meineke)?

What year is this auto?

If it’s out of warrantee, the dealer is the second last place to go, with Meineke the last place.

Find a reputable independent shop. Ask friends and co-workers for recommendations.

This post asking about muffler and brakes is identical to one posted 05/20/2018 by a different screen name .
Coincident ?


No, I do not think so

I’ve had good work done at Midas, but you have to be firm against the up-sell. If your brakes are working OK now [no pulsing while stopping (warped rotor) and no unusually hot wheels after a drive (dragging caliper)] then just get new pads.

Suggest to go to a good, well recommended independent shop for that. You want a good inde shop on your side anyway for your future car repair and maintenance needs. This makes a good opportunity to ask your friends and coworkers for shop recommendations and locate one that suits the bill.

There have been a number of troll postings recently that are exact copies of other older legitimate posts. I flag them as I see them.

I wonder what the purpose of the copy is. Seems like a waste of time even for a Troll.