2017 Mazda Mazda3 - Service

I need to get the 30,000 mile service and don’t know what it should cost, or who I should take the car to (Frederick,MD) and if there are any ways to save money on it. Thanks.

I always say use the dealer while the vehicle is under warranty . Just call them and ask for an estimate and then call another independent shop to compare price.

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A good first step would be to look at your owner’s manual closely. Read what work is required there, not at a dealer’s service desk. Be sure to note that in some vehicles, there are two levels of service. One includes more things and is usually called “Sever duty” or something like that. 90% of cars end up in that category. Expect to need an oil service, air filter element for the cabin, air filter element for the engine, brake fluid change, tire rotation, and possibly a transmission fluid change. Once you know what your vehicle needs phone the service desk of the two nearest Mazda dealers and have a conversation with them about the cost. Take notes. Get a price. Then start looking for a coupon online. It could save you as much as 20% if you are lucky. You can also ask your neighbors and friends if they have a trusted local mechanic. They might be able to save you as much as 20% on the same work.Here is a CarTalk list you may find helpful. Keep in mind, that Mazda is still under warranty, so a dealer visit is not a bad idea. You may also want to inspect your tires to see if you are getting close to replacement time, or for damage. Here’s how.