2017 Mazda CX-5 for a recent college grad?

good car for a recent graduate from college

are you asking to buy it for a graduate as a gift or are you buying it as the graduate? If you’re the grad, if you can afford it and you like to drive it, why not?

Wow wish you were my dad !!! And yes Mazdas are good cars . Make sure he takes care of it. Most college kids these days know zero about vehicle maintenance .

Outstanding choice. We just bought a 2018. Love it.

Agree that it is a good choice; reliable, roomy, and fun to drive!

I would just make sure the maintenance is kept up; my wife has a Mazda 3 Sport, and it has been bullet-proof for the last 5 1/2 years.

My daughter recently graduated from college, bought a AWD 2018 CX-5, and enrolled in grad school. She loves hers and when I checked (as a dad would) it seems to be a good choice safety-wise. I like Mazda’s approach of wringing out quite reasonable mpg and performance using naturally aspirated engines.
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My daughter bought a CX-5 Sport in 2014 when she graduated and got her first job. She likes it.

Thanks - her first new car after grad. Different than the 1995 2 wheel drive straight six grand Cherokee. Lo

She earned it. She bought a 1995 grand Cherokee with her own money in high school - magna cum now. I’ll just keep my car another decade!!!lol. But she is working in LA likely so a decent car is a good idea. Thanks

Are hybrids and electric vehicles still allowed to use HOV lanes in Cali with only the driver in the car? If so, she might consider a vehicle that meets the requirements for the HOV pass. The freeways are awful at rush hour. When I was there on business trips in the early/mid 2000s, I often used surface streets instead of freeways and made much better time. One time, a colleague and I drove from LAX to Anaheim during morning drive time, and using the HOV lane made the trip a lot shorter. We didn’t go fast, but at least we were moving. The normal lanes hardly moved at all.

I’d want the new model CX-5, I think that started in 2018.

The 2018 CX5 is a vast improvement power the previous model; better ride, quieter and more comfort. All without losing the “Zoom Zoom” driving fun!

thanks all- we are seriously looking at hybrids also for the above reasons


Make sure you’re aware of the latest requirements. Plain hybrids don’t qualify. More info here: