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2017 Mazda CX-5 electrical gremlins

I have 2017 model and the electrics are just starting to play up. Last week the radio changed stations, the oil light comes on intermittently and each time I pull over and check the oil its fine. All sorts of lights show up when starting the car again intermittently in the rev count screen.Has any one else had any of these problems?

While it would be very early for your alternator to be failing, what you have described is characteristic of what can happen on modern vehicles when voltage ripples are put out by the alternator. I strongly suggest that you have the alternator’s output checked by a competent mechanic.


I agree with @VDCdriver advice. Make sure the service folks check not only the DC voltage but also the AC ripple voltage across the battery while the engine is running around 1500 RPM. There should be less than 0.1 volt of AC ripple voltage.

Mazda’s warranty is 36 months/50000 miles so yours should still be covered. Take it to your dealer and let their service department sort it out.

Unfortunately I have 55,000 so out of warranty

I’d check under hood ground wires, too. A secondary ground wire, using a jumper, can be temporarily installed to see if it changes anything. Intermittent grounding can raise havoc with electrics. Problems can sometimes be exacerbated with engine/transmission movement within mounts.
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Hi and thanks for your response. Since I posted this issue I have had an issue with my external mirrors not moving in and out correctly when button is pushed. I have had one motor (in mirror) replaced, still waiting for the other to be done (under warranty). I now believe this electric fault is causing the other issues.