2017 Lincoln MKC - Nav cleared all my destinations

the navigational system deleted all of the destination points

Infotainment systems, regardless of brand, do fail. You can check with your dealership, might be an update for it, or may require replacement. If everything else works, radio, Bluetooth, etc, I would likely ignore it and go with navigation on my phone. You could check with an automotive sound system shop for aftermarket system.
AKA, why I am not a fan of onboard navigation systems.

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While Purebred gave good advice, I will add that if the OP recently replaced his battery, it is possible that this deleted the SatNav’s memory. My 11.5 year old onboard SatNav system has never given me any problems–except after battery replacement.


If no work was done in the vicinity of the battery prior to this, ask your shop to double-check your Lincoln’s battery & charging system are working correctly.

Navigation system memory is generally nonvolatile.
There is usually a feature that allows the owner to clear all personal data (destinations, phone numbers) before selling the vehicle, this may have been selected by someone or there is a glitch in the module that caused this.

It would be nice to know if the destinations were reentered in the system and stayed or disappeared again .