2017 Kia Soul - No horn

The horn stops working when I Start the car It also starts when I start the car The dealer says that it is a $700 repair as the entire relays have to be replaced Any Suggestions on how to fix

I understand you to say that when the car is running normally, the horn will not work. Plus, when you are running the starter at first startup, the horn blows. Is that accurate.
I definitely would take this to a different dealer, unless it is still in warranty. These clear symptoms should be easy to diagnose.

It is weird All the people I have seen said they have to replace the relay cable at $700 Sometimes the horn works and other times it doesn’t When I have trouble starting the car I know there is a problem Otherwise the car is fine Thank you for your response

It sounds like this is a known problem at Kia. I am not sure exactly what they are calling the “relay cable”. You might want to get the part and see if another mechanic will install it cheaper. Regardless, I would keep all receipts and complain to Kia and hope for a hidden warranty, or a later recall.

Thanks again