2017 Kia Rio - How to raise a seat

How can I raise the right front passenger seat, it is WAY too low.

Frankly I don’t think you can, too many sensors. On an old pre-passenger sensor cars (older than about 1972?) you could probably do it with square tubing through bolted, but not now.
If your passenger is short, get them a cushion to sit on. Not being flip, but that is the only option I can think of.

It needs to come up almost 4 inches. And there are no real sensors wired to anything . My problem is the front bolts are angled in from the front ,but the rear bolts are straight down . and I really want to use the original receiver threads if possible because they all bolt to the frame for strength and I just trying to maintain as much original integrity as possible. Thank you so much .

There’s a height adjustment lever on right side of the seat, the owner’s manual will show you where it’s located.

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There are weight sensors in the right front seat adjuster for the occupant classification system. The occupant classification system turns off the passenger airbag if the passenger is below a certain weight (child).

I wonder if shops that convert vans for handicap use would have any suggestions.

The seat was like that when you bought the vehicle. You have passenger air bags with seat sensors and you may have side curtain air bag also . You make any changes and then have an accident and one of those supplemental systems does not protect your passenger you better know how to spell lawsuit.

my wife is quite short ine first place , and secondly the drivers side has an air pump to raise it about 3 inches which is my s eat ,she never has driven , but would like to see over the bottom of the window.
ps , ther is no parts of this seat that is electric. All manual !

Seriously , that should have been noticed on the test drive unless you bought a vehicle without her ever seeing it
You might see if an auto upholstery shop has any ideas about placing padding in the seat bottom . The other safe and logical thing to do is find a vehicle that meets the needs of your passenger.