2017 Kia Forte - Maestro Unit Plug-in

Talked to Kia rep. No place to plug in a Maestro A r unit.
Unit should show selected engine specs, highway speed, and a ton of options. Cost is around $200 + installation. Maestro A r says it works in 2017 Kia Forte5, but Kia rep says no place to plug it in. I figured OBD2 port? Anyone have any info on this problem. Thanx!

Where does the Maestro’s owner manual say to plug it in?

Aftermarket electronics that plugs into the OBD II port for this sort of purpose can cause the car’s computer to malfunction, maybe that is why the Kia rep is saying that. The OBD II port software is designed for diagnostic purposes, not for monitoring the car’s parameters as you drive. Monitoring via OBD II can overload the car’s computer with too many tasks.

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