Possible transmisson issue

I have a 2016 kia forte automatic

Two months ago pulled onto the street & within a minute rpms shot up & I could barely go 20 mph. Since then I had several Instances of the same, thing only more brief. If I kill the engine & restart.
The issue disappears & the car drives as if nothing happened.
I have no check engine light. There is no stalling or sputtering i have no leaks anywhere & no trouble shifting gears. The mechanic who looked at it said he felt it was most likely a transmission problem. The car pulled no transmisson codes. It did pull an air bag code as well as the history codes.
C1109 voltage low
C1622 ems invalid vehicle speed
B1112 ignition voltage low.
I’m stumped & don’t know what to do next.

Take it to a Kia dealer. The engine and transmission are still under warranty.

I bought it used from a car lot.

It is possible that at least part of the 100k warranty is still in effect, although I think that Kia/Hyundai reduces it to 50k for the second owner. In any event, if you phone a Kia dealer’s service department and give them your VIN, they can tell you whether it is still covered by any kind of warranty protection.

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Definitely check with the dealer first, to see if there’s any warranty coverage left.

If not… I see a visit to a local independent transmission shop in your future. Sorry.

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Two of the codes mention low voltage. Have your battery and charging system checked. If the battery is original it is time to replace it anyway.
But, a transmission problem is more likely. Good luck.


And you can get that done at a car parts store, they’ll check both for free. Good idea.


Make sure your battery, charging system are good, battery terminals are tight and no corrosion on anything…
Make sure your ATF is at the correct level…

This has been going on for 2 months?? even off and on that is too long to wait… Every time the transmission flares up (slips) you are overheating the ATF and taking life off the friction material off the clutch disc… Meaning, you could have something that is in the $$$ to repair the issue, but keep on driving it and not taking it in for repair can end up costing you $$$$… Your choice…

Sorry you are having this issue…


Concur w/advice above, first step is to ask shop to check the battery & charging system. Second step, check the transmission fluid level.