2017 Infiniti QX50 - Whines

During the summer, after the car has heated up (5minutes) I start to here a whinning noise coming from the front of the car. It starts to get louder as I go faster. I took it to the dealership and of course, it didn’t make it. I had them check the belts and they did not see a problem. The noise stoped when the weather got cooler. But, after I took a long drive, it started again. On the way home from my destination, it stopped. What the heck is going on? By the way, the car is a turbo.

That is going to be very hard to know what is going on with it in person while not making the noise, almost impossible from the internet… An intermediate problem can be very hard, if not impossible sometimes to identify…
Maybe it is a common issue and someone here knows what’s wrong…

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My two cents, cooling (radiator) fan, only runs when necessary.
Some vehicles may run that fan continuously when AC is on.

Good ideas above. Suggest to ask your shop to test

  • Is the sound linked to the engine compartment cooling fans? (My guess, no.)

  • Can any unusual sounds be heard w/engine at a warm idle, using a mechanic’s stethoscope, or length of discarded garden hose, probing around the engine compartment, especially probing nearby to the serpentine belt pulleys and tensioner.

  • If the serpentine belt is removed, can any unusual noises be heard by hand-spinning the pulley’s, also checking for pulley bearing/bushing play.

  • If such a thing is possible & safe to do, does idling the engine briefly w/serpentine belt removed change the nature of the sound using the mechanic’s stethoscope?

  • Still nothing? Would a sound-location identifying tool such as Chassis-Ears help the diagnosis?