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Help - Car making loud noise

Can someone help me identify this noise?

It only happens after driving for a bit, and then remains until the car is turned off and then restarted, at which point the sound stops.

Here is a clip of the sound. It seems to be coming from the serpentine belt area.I used a stethoscope but wasn’t able to really pin point it.

Is it the high pitched whining noise? It sounds to me like it could be a bearing noise but you said the car has to be run for awhile first. I’m still leaning toward pump noise. When the car is driven for a while it comes on then when you shut it off and immediately restart it the noise is gone for a little while again? It could be a pump and it takes a little while to build enough pressure to make the noise.

infiniti g35
Model-Year, please? Engine option?

I had an odd squeak that came and went if I touched tensioner. seems rotating tensioner was just enough to make it go wonky. the spring tension was just off enough to make serp belt chirp. replace tensioner? it looked ok to me but actually was making noise. it was spring, not the tensioner bearing.

I never did a model-year or engine description. Am I missing something? Oh well, I won’t look up TSBs to see if there’s any clues. That’s where I look first with this type issue. I’m out unless more info is submitted.

I couldn’t hear much either except what may be a bearing noise. Should be fairly easy for a shop to determine if its water pump, alternator, or the idler pulley. Just a side comment but I had my idler pulley give out 50 miles from home and jump the belt. I did manage to hobble to a parts place and get another one but I had tools with me. Same problem with a worn water pump pulley at 20 below but not so lucky on that one. Always best to take care of a problem as soon as you notice it.

2007 Infiniti G35X (All wheel drive)
There’s only one engine type - V6 - 300HP (High Rev)

Yes, the high pitch whining sound. Do you mean steering pump or water pump?