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2017 hyundai tucson noise

hi everyone i have a 2017 hyundai tucson with 44000km. There is a noise on start up for about 15 secs that sounds horrible till it warms up. Then once it warms up it dies right down. I uploaded a video to youtube ill leave the link here. If anyone has any input would be great. We have had the flex pipe changed already under warrenty and never fixed problem :man_shrugging: goin on 6 times to the dealer now

thanks for everyones help :slight_smile:

The high idle is causing something to “ring”. It dies down when the car’s idle speed drops. If Hyundai has inspected the car and found nothing, I’d suggest this is normal. Not sure what the dealer told you.

This car should be under warranty for quite a while yet even if you are not the first owner. The car is also on record at Hyundai that this was a complaint. If it get worse, even out of warranty, a case could be made that they should fix it for free.

hey thanks for the reply. so i have been to the dealer about 6 times now ( showing them how to do their job ) lol. since they couldnt get it to make that noise. so finally got them to hear it. Then two mechanics were arguing what it may be. so they replaced the flex pipe on the exhaust which was not the problem. Now back to square one with them saying well were not sure what it is. I have called another hyundai dealer close to me to see what they can find or if they have any input on it. which means i have to leave me car over night and for them to start it up in the morning once again.

Sounds like a heat shield issue to me.
I’d reach in (with it cold, of course!) and give each one a wiggle.

taken the heat shield off already lol i did that myself and no difference :frowning:

I may be wrong but taking the heat shield off of a vehicle still under warranty with problems does not seem to be a good idea.

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lol its back on it was only off for the night till the morning to see if the noise was still there

Which shield did you take off?
Presumably one near the noise.

only one shield where the manifold is off the motor back of engine but has since been put back on not difference in noise