2017 Hyundai Sonata - trunk won’t open

My trunk does not open by any way that I tried, I’m in Coamo P.R. where is the nearest dealer where I can take my car to fix this problem under the 208 campaign

Hyundai Sonata trunk won’t open! - YouTube

if that does not work check your fuses and relay

Google is your friend . Or the Hyundai web site will list dealers near you . This is primarily a USofA forum and I don’t think we have any regular posters from Puerto Rico .

Edit : I just used Google and it showed 3 Hyundai dealers in Puerto Rico . If I can do that it must not be that difficult.

Sort of a security feature. Have you tried the key in the video?

We all have our troubles, Liftgate for car was not working ended up I had accidentally hit an off button for the tailgate!

Anyone else here miss the days when there was a physical lock cylinder on the trunk lid/rear hatch, and a physical connection from the remote release lever to the trunk/rear hatch lock mechanism? I sure do. (Those days never ended for me, though, because I would never buy a car that doesn’t have this feature, and a physical lock cylinder on the passenger’s front door as well.)


Agree, :grinning: Also would not have one that could not hold a full size spare tire.


After you check any fuses, you might try pushing down on the trunk lid when you try to release the latch. Sometimes that takes pressure off the latch and lets it move.

Also had one a piece of dropcloth hung up in the latch, was able to pull it up manually then all was good.

Campaign 208 involves replacing the trunk latch assembly and will likely solve the problem.

Use the dealer locater on the Hyundai web site.

HMA TSB (nhtsa.gov)