Oil Changes



I use Mobil 1 synthetic in my car. Is 7,500 miles between changes sufficient?


What does the owner’s manual say? You should always use an oil the meets or exceeds the specifications in the owner’s manual and never go over the time or miles (which ever comes first) listed in the owner’s manual. If the car manufacturer says 7,500 then it is good. If the car manufacturer says 5,000 don’t let the oil maker tell you any different.


The owners manual will reflect when to change the oil. And if you’ll notice, nowhere in the manual is there a distinction on when to change the oil depending if synthetic oil or regular oil is used.



Do not deviate from the schedule in your recommended maintenance schedule thatt came with your owner’s manual. One of oil’s functions is to clean the insides of the engine. Synthetic accumulates just as much crud as dino does.


Using synthetic does NOT mean you can lengthen the oil change interval. If you vehicle is under warranty and you lengthen the interval past the manufacturers recommendations and engine failure results…the manufacturer does NOT have to cover the warranty due to neglect.


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