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2017 Honda Pilot eco assist system

I would like your opinion on the system called the Eco Assist System which ‘can help improve your fuel economy by adjusting the performance of the engine, climate control system, and cruise control.’ I have used it several times on long trips and can not tell any difference in the mpg with or with out it. It seems toe be a “feel good” button for people wanting better mpg and show the EPA that Honda is trying. I understand that it stops two of the six pistons from working since four all you need for cruising. But obviously the two pistons still go up and down at the expense of the four that are working. It would be like having a stagecoach with six horses and in cruise mode two horses would not be pulling so the other four would be dragging them along. This would save on feeding the two idle horses but the other four would be worn out plus need more hay. I get better mpg by using fuel with no alcohol. I really like my Pilot since I am also. Just wondering.

I think your analogy is a little off. With the eco assist, the two horses wouldn’t be pulling if the wagon was going downhill and you didn’t need them. They’d start again when you reached the next hill.
I remember a thread done in the last six weeks with a very similar question on a Honda. One of the responses had a very detailed description about how the eco assist worked. You may want to do a search to find it.

I’m curious if you’d see a difference with your normal daily driving - maybe one tank with it on, the next tank with it off. Longer interstate trips don’t offer as many opportunities for mpg improvements.

Your main point about the button being more a “feel good” option is mostly right in my opinion. With all the regulations the U.S. has put on fuel economy, many of the big improvements are already incorporated in the design. I wonder if the eco assist could provide much more than a 5% improvement. And I wonder if most of that is the behavior modification for the driver whenever he/she sees the little green plant light on the instrument panel.

Thanks for the reply. I should have said that the two horses were running but not applying any force to pull the coach. I just feel that this is a system that is not worth the cost and possible malfunction. Like the new accords have a small 4 cylinder motor with a turbo which could be problematic. I enjoy reading your columns.