2014 Honda CR-V “green leaf” doesn’t help mileage

Although the “green leaf” button is supposed to increase mileage I see no increase although the cruse control is definitely negatively effected. Is something wrong with this CR-V?

Its like the eco mode… its just there for show. I have one in my Corolla and I haven’t seen an improvement in my gas milage.

But don’t you just love the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you push that button?

If you already drive with a light foot, you are probably doing what the eco mode does: promote shifting into a higher gear at lower RPMs, and not be so quick to downshift.


I see the “green leaf” button as a gimmick…nothing more.

Highway gas mileage is mostly a function of what speed you cruise at. Setting the cruise control 5 mph slower will improve your gas mileage far more than changing the transmission’s shift points, which seems to be what the eco button actually does.

Your city gas mileage is highly affected by the way you drive. People who accelerate towards each and every red light get rotten gas mileage and get to know the brake shop on a first name basis.
People who drive as if their brakes don’t work can actually get better gas mileage in the city than the car gets on the highway. You’re going slower after all.

Drive a tank of gas with/without leaf button amd report your mileage. On same route. If you use 1 tank in weeks time going to/from work and stuff than compare several weeks driving it will probably be a good test.

Cavell has a good idea. Do several tanks each way , button on and button off. Also are you checking your MPG the old fashioned way with pen and paper ?

I think @shanonia had it-those buttons make the car shift and accelerate less aggressively. If the OP is already doing that they won’t see much benefit.

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It works or me. I have a 2017 Accord EX-L, and it does provide a slight improvement in gas mileage as long as I drive the car the same way with and without using the ECON mode. When using the ECON mode, mid-range power is nonexistent. I get 10 mpg better gas mileage with the new car compared to my 2005 Accord EX V6 without using ECON, and that’s good enough for me.

From what I’ve read, it does what the others have mentioned, it lowers the shift points for the transmission and it also decreases the effectiveness of the A/C. At highway speeds you probably won’t notice any improvements in fuel economy