2017 Honda Fit - Quality vs. location

I own a 2013 Fit made in Japan. How’s the quality compared to the Fit’s made in Mexico with the CVT? The one that I’m looking at is rebuilt for ~10K.

Rebuilt transmission or rebuilt vehicle with a Salvage title ? Either one I would avoid . But if you really want it pay a shop to look it over and then decide

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If you’re talking about the car having a rebuilt transmission I wouldn’t worry, as long as the car checks out. OTOH, as Volvo says, if the car has been rebuilt steer clear.


Rebuilt title i’d stay away from, a friend has a '15 Fit EX-L CVT made in Mexico and for the last 5 or so years he’s simply had to maintain the car. Holding up very well to a 90mi round trip commute. No real difference to his past Japan built Honda’s.

2017 Fit looks ok, but stay away from the 2015:
Honda Fit Problems | CarComplaints.com

Consumer Reports’ data says overall reliability of the 2015 Fit is average. That was the first year of a redesign. For 2016 and 2018 it’s better than average; for 2017 and 2018 much better than average.