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2017 Ford Escape brake trouble

Having problems with brakes. This is 3rd time at dealership with this problem. Get into vehicle start to pull out or back up. Have NO brakes to get vehicle to stop must push brake pedal to floor, only then barely stops vehicle, barely moving. When it gets to shop they cannot recreate the problems. This vehicle only has 6,600 miles on it. Has anyone else had this problem? Very scary, could be Very dangerous.

Try a different dealer. Shop should be able to diagnose and correct this problem. It IS very dangerous.
Also elevate the complaint to higher levels at Ford. The information is in your owners manual on the procedure.
If there are specific conditions when this happens, let the service writer know, such as ‘only happens after sitting overnight’, or ‘only after driving at high speed’.

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Look into the Lemon Laws of your state along with @Purebred’s advice. This is a safety issue that the dealer has tried 3 times unsuccessfully to fix. You may be eligible to force Ford to buy the car back if they cannot fix it in a reasonable number of tries.

Search “Lemon Laws for (your state)” and look for a state government site… or similar. Good Luck


Have you tried to release and then step on the brake a second time to see if it works that way? i.e pump the brakes?

As long as they can experience the problem. The OP states it doesn’t act up when taken to the shop. If they can’t re-create it, it’s not a real problem yet from their perspective. Otherwise, people could return cars for any fabricated reason. Not saying the OP’s isn’t having an issue, just that it must be observed by the dealership mechanics to count as a repair attempt…

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