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2017 Ford Fusion Energi - Special grill

I own a 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Electric/Hybrid with 46K miles. While I see a lot of Fusions on the road, In the last 21/2 years I’ve seen none with a spoiler and a “beehive” type grill. I believe this is a sport model? Am curious how many of this model were produced? It is so wonderfully appointed and so safe to drive. I am sold on electric vehicles.

I guess you bought this used so those may be after market features . And I have no idea what a ( Bee Hive ) grill is .

It’s a honey of an accessory!

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The Sport trim does seem to have a beehive grill (blacked out). The 2018+ Hybrid models look like they have it too, only the grille has that plastic chrome color.

But they sting you on the price!


You’d better beehive or you’ll get this discussion closed down!
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Not sure i’ve seen one in person but it looks like a version of the Fiesta St grille,


My original question was how many of the 2017 Ford Fusion, Energi Platinum sport models were produced. As mentioned, I am curious because I never see this model driven here in So. Calif.


It seems the place for the answer would be Ford and you really should not post your email on an open web site.

Overall the sport trim amounted for less than 10% of fusion sales according to Ford. The last year the sport trim was offered was 2019.

Thank you; I appreciate your advice.


It’s important to note that the “Sport” is a different car than the Hybrid/Energi model. The “Sport” trim has a 2.7L V6 Ecoboost and AWD. The Energi model has a four cylinder with an electric motor and front wheel drive. The Sport is a performance variant, the Energi is made with efficiency in mind. The Titanium trim got you the honeycomb grille and rear spoiler. There’s no “Sport” package or anything for the Energi models.

Interestingly enough, I rode in one of these Fusions today. The A pillar really slants in toward my line of sight more than I’m used to. You can kind of see what I mean in the picture, but it would be more evident in a head on pic. If I looked straight ahead, sitting in the passenger seat, my right eye was looking directly at the A pillar. Kind of found that odd. I’m 6’3, might play a part in it.

No offense to the OP. Very nice car, sir.