2017 Ford F450 - Tank issue

on trip with a 25 ft motorhome chassic 4500 stopped to get something to eat returned to RV would not start Ford dealer across the road came over and beat on tank and started, drove 50 to 60 miles to stop and get gas shut off after fill up gas would not start, mechanic came with a baseball bat and beat on tank then it started both said the fuel pump was bad had changed by dealer worked good drove about 700 miles with several stops no problem. them stopped to eat and would not start, beat on tank no good, had towed to dealer and set over night, next morning started. any help would appreciate

OK, if this really is a 2017 Ford, it is still under warranty. The chassis at any rate. Let the Ford dealer address it for free.

For free, unless the motorcoach builder screwed something up. And they do. Then you may have a fight on your hands between Ford and the coach builder.