2.7 Ecoboost issue

I have a 2017 FX4 F150 with a 2.7 ecoboost. Started having check engine light a 58k miles was on and went off the next day. Then at 60,048 it came back on and stayed. Took to the shop and having to deal with extended warranty. Tomorrow will be 5 weeks in the shop and here is what I know. The fuel injector on cylinder 4 ran to rich, burned up the valve, caused the piston to swell and skirting from piston to scratch the cylinder wall. Still do not know what they are doing to fix yet. Anyone else have this issue the amount of time it’s taking is getting old.

A too rich mixture won’t cause the problems you describe. A too lean mixture will.

Sounds like a dirty injector damaged your engine.

If Ford is fixing it, what is your issue? Time? Parts delivery is really poor right now so be patient. What is the dealer telling you when you call abour it? You are calling, right?

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Just curious, when the engine light came on, was it on steady or was it flashing?

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You get a gold star if your warranty replaces motor at no cost.

The problem with the dealer was 1st week with no car then they gave me a van with only 300 miles left on it when I drive 60 miles round trip a day for just work, then they get me in a new car off the lot which has the check engine light on as of two days ago. Called them twice now Over the loaner and no response. Also the service advisor took 3 days before sending sending info to warranty then warranty took it over 2 weeks to get the report completed and the dealer is still waiting for the call. Also Ford is not paying its the extended warranty. It’s fault on both the dealer shop and warranty company.

Was not flashing. At first I thought I had bad gas because when I filled my truck back up the light went off. But it would Idil rough and light came back on and stayed a week later.

I’ll I can say is keep calling them. Be persistent.