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2017 Ford F250 -Death wobble

My new 2017 f250 crew cab with 3800 miles, yes 3800, has exibited this death wobble at 70 mph twice now. Both times I had to fight the wheel to stay on the road. I am 6’2 275 pound and I was being thrown around in my seat like a rag doll! The dealer changed the steering dampener! I told them its not the sterring dampener that is causing this problem. They test drove it and said it OK. I am afraid to drive it, for fear of killing myself or some innocent person in the car next to me! Has anyone found out what is causing this problem?

The solid beam front axle is the cause of the problem. The steering damper is the solution. Ford replaced yours. Either accept it is solved and drive it or sell it and buy something else.

Does that mean you have not driven the truck since they replaced the steering damper?

Why are you so certain it’s not fixed . . . ?

“death wobble” can happen on many trucks . . . most of them FAR larger than your own, by the way

And the solution isn’t the same for every truck

Good morning Mustangman, thanks for responding, but I beg to differ! I am 62 years old and have owned 7 ford (f250, F350 and Excursions) . All with solid axle front ends. 44hd, Dana 60, Dana 70. I have put from 80 k to 120 k on each and have never had this problem. I know what a steering dampener is and what it is capable of doing to improve the steering quality. This death wobble I experienced is not due to the steering dampener! Please read my first marriage again. My truck only has 3800 miles on it. If this death wobble is not fixed… it will be the cause of some one getting hurt or worse death. All due respect.

I think DB is asking a good question , have you driven this thing yet. If not ask the service department to take you for a ride in it to show why they say it is fixed . If you don’t want to do that then just find a salesman and trade it for something else. Life with fear is not life.

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