Paint peeling on my 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis

my 06 grand marquis has only 43000 mi on it and the paint is peeling around the rear window.

Your car is 16 years old. Paint is affected by exposure to the elements and maintenance, ie washing and waxing. Ford paint holds up quite well compared to some other manufacturers.
So it is up to you. Have a good body shop refinish it or live with it. If only the clear coat is pealing the base coat and primer should continue to protect the metal.
I have seen some cars younger than yours totally devoid of their clear coat.


Paint doesn’t care how many miles are on the car. Time and exposure affect paint. Yours has 14 years of exposure.


I’m finding other similar complaints but no sign that anyone’s been reimbursed by Ford

Here in OK with the summer sun and brutal heat paint peels off any car and many are far younger than your car is. Garaged all the time when not driven is about all you can do.

Hopefully the paint is not peeling because of rust as that can make a repair situation far worse.