2017 Ford Escape - Extended warranty

Debating whether to purchase Ford’s Premium Extended Warranty-- is it worth it?

I never, ever buy extended warranties because the company that sells it makes loads of money selling the warranty. That is money you could pocket. But that is how I think about it.

The only place to buy an extended warranty is FROM Ford and only from Ford, so that is good.

The rest is up to you but I’ll give you some considerations;

Do you have money (say $2000-$3000) in your savings account in case something big breaks on the car? No? Warranty might be a good idea.

Do you intend to keep this car at least until the extended warranty runs out? No? Then the warranty is probably not for you.

Adding a little more data here;

Seems Ford has had engine and transmission problems ($$$ !) in the past on Escapes but seems to have that sorted now.


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