2017 Ford Edge - Leather issues

The black leather interior turns white anywhere you touch it. Looks awful on the door where your arm rests. It did this on my 2014 Edge, and the dealer assured me that it wouldn’t happen in the 2017. It was happening before I left the lot. What can I clean it with to restore the black?

Leather and vinyl cleaner is pretty effective at removing those spots.

Let me guess and few things you did not tell us. 1) You live in a warm sunny state 2) You use moisturizer with sunscreen in it. Am I close?

Your sweat, sunscreen and some moisturizers will leave a white-ish residue on leather and vinyl. Some cars are worse than others. My Mustang, my Chevy and my wife’s Saab all did that to some degree.


Good catch. That stuff gets everywhere, even after you rub it all the way into your skin. There’s even a big push to keep snorkelers from wearing sunscreen because it gets washed back out of your skin and kills coral.

This problem has been noted with the leather on many/most makes of cars, and the problem isn’t the leather, but instead is a problem related to the chemicals that the driver is applying to his/her body.

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I made my console look really awful because of the medicine I have to use for dry skin and itching .

Your dealer lied to you to sell a car. I am shocked, shocked I tell you!