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2017 Ford Edge - Engine Trashed/5k Out of Warranty

2017 Ford Edge. 65,000 miles. Started having a “miss” on start up. Quickly progressed to steam coming out the tail pipe. Ford dealer says the head or block is cracked and coolant is getting into the cylinders. They want $8,500 for a new engine. Dealer said the new engine won’t have the defect, that Ford fixed the problem. So this says Ford knows they have defective engines and hope to make me pay for their error. My problem has nothing to do with normal wear and tear. Unfortunately I have 65,000 miles on the engine and Ford says sorry, warranty expired at 60,000. So I have no vehicle, its work $0 at the moment, I still own 2 years on the note. Totally screwed. I bet this is the leading edge of problems with this 2.0 liter turbo engine - most people don’t drive as much as my wife has to for her job so don’t get here as fast time wise. My recourse seems to be a lawsuit and a forensic investigation of the old engine to use as evidence of Ford’s failure to supply a product without inherent defects.

Sorry about your problem. I’d get a second opinion on that engine replacement. A blown head gasket can cause the problem you describe and these engines have a bit of a history with that. Far far less expensive than a new engine. If the head might be cracked, it can be checked when it comes off to replace the gasket.

I would call a lawyer that specializes in this type of warranty issue. As well.