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2017 Dodge Journey - Headlight issue

I’m having issues with the headlights. While driving at night time, roughly every 5 to 10 minutes, I notice my headlights will dim to where it looks almost like they are off and just as fast, they come back on. I have had my entire car checked multiple times by many different mechanics and diagnostic machines. Not once has there ever been an issue found. My wife also has a 2017 Journey and she also has the same issue with her car as well. Does anyone know what causes this and if it can be fixed. Nobody seems to know why it does this. Not only in my car, but ironically enough with her same year and make car also.

There is a BCM software update available to address that problem, contact your dealer;

Manufacturer Communication Number: 08-097-17


Flash: BCM Diagnostic and System Improvements

This bulletin involves updating the Body Control Module (BCM) with the latest software.

The customer may describe the headlamps flicker while operating at night. This condition may be more prevalent after the bulb(s) have been replaced with an aftermarket bulb.