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2017 Dodge Grand Caravan factory antifreeze good to -33F?

Wondering if -33F will exceed the factory antifreeze in this 2017 Grand.
Also the windshield wiper fluid.

Can a person buy aftermarket seat warmers?

A 50/50 mix of coolant is good down to -40 degrees F

They make aftermarket car seat warmers that just plug into the cigarette lighter.

The wife loves hers.


Yes. Google is your friend and of course there is always Amazon.

The windshield washer fluid freezing temperature should be listed on the jug. Around here it’s usually good to -20, so hopefully that’s not what you have. If you do, I’m not sure if the Prestone Washer Fluid Booster product that I found in a quick Internet search might help.

As for the coolant, there’s a device to test that. It only takes a minute, so a shop might do that for you for free.

Yeah you’ll be fine but where is it -33? It’s only -19 here. Don’t confuse wind chill with actual temps. Cars don’t care what the wind chill is but kids do. It’s just how fast you’ll lose heat but a car will never get lower than the actual temp, regardless of how much the wind blows.

Edit: Where indeed is it -33? Bemidji, MN Sorry to doubt. Wind chill more like -60.

Holy cow, excuse me. It’s -33 in Bemidji, Minnesota. Oh man, I’m sorry I doubted. That’s coooold. It’s only -19 here and about burned my ears off taking the trash out.

Minnesota and North Dakota in the mid 30s below today and tomorrow.

OK, uncle, uncle. I give I give. We’re down to -29. I didn’t mean to doubt the temps. Bemidji is only -34 so we’re closing fast. At least the garage is still +40 and I’m not going anywhere.

Seat warmers are great, but I would try to plug it into a cigarette lighter that turns off when the key is turned off. (Personal experience). Mine are always on. Otherwise If you forget to turn it off you’re stranded.

Bemidji MN is the location my old division of GM used to do cold tests of our new products… for obvious reasons!

Cigarette lighter?

Yes! Cigarette lighter.

Not only does the wife’s car have a cigarette lighter, it also has an ashtray!


A few years ago, the blue ww fluid that I bought at Wally World was labeled as “good to -20”, but it froze in the lines leading to my rear washer at temps in the +10/+15 range. Clearly, it was mislabeled, but ever since then I don’t trust any of the “blue stuff”, and I buy only Prestone or Rain-X ww fluid for the winter, both of which are yellow-orange in color, and which are very resistant to freezing.
More expensive, but worth it…

I just can’t bring myself to put yellow washer fluid in. I just can’t.

I agree that Prestone is probably better, but when I tried it in my last car I couldn’t see the level in the off-white plastic reservoir, which was annoying.

My last car with cigarette lighter and ash tray was the 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse The 2010 Kia Forte has neither. It has two 12V power outlets which according to the owner manual are for the purpose of charging phones or other small devices with maximum current draw of 10 amps. It also warns against leaving chargers or devices plugged in when engine is not running to avoid discharging the vehicle battery so obviously they are “hot” with key off.