2017 Dodge Charger - I'm angry

I reported the warped front door panels to my dealer Nov 5. (2017 SXT CHARGER) I went in today to follow up and apparently “this was new to them”. I informed them of the known issue since 2010. I was supposed to hear back later today. Looks like I will be going to higher management ! SO ANGRY! They DID say my warranty will not cover because it is cosmetic … THINK AGAIN!

Awesome, known seven years before the car was built.
Now the car is nearly five years old and you expect the 36 month warranty to cover it.


You can vent here all you like but nothing will come of it. Hope it makes you feel better, though. Have a nice day.


All I can suggest to the OP is that he rummage through the papers in his glove box, find the details of the car’s various warranties, and then read them–perhaps for the first time.

While his Powertrain Warranty, Emissions Warranty, and Rust-Through Warranty may still be in effect, he will find that the Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty on his 4 year old car expired at least one year ago.


Good idea to follow up all oral communication with a dealership about potential new car warranty issues every time you visit, with a letter, dated, summarizing what you believe you were told, and what you told them. Doesn’t take that much time, and provides you a written record of the ongoing conversation. Note it is entirely possible that the person who told you it was “new to them” was actually telling you the factual truth, it is new to them. Doesn’t mean the issue hasn’t been discussed with somebody else at the dealership.

No idea whether a warranty would cover door panels. It seems like that would have to be demonstrated soon after the new car is delivered to the customer; otherwise buyers would be asking the dealership to fix every dent and scratch they get over the warranty period. Do you have written proof you showed them this problem soon after you took delivery on this car?

I don’t know how bad they’re warped, but…. If they’re slightly warped (like only noticeable to you or someone who’s really staring down the side of the car’s body), and they’re outside body panels…it may be something you’ll have to live with. I’m just thinking I might not trust a dealership body shop to correct a slight manufacturing defect that the factory let slide.

Just my thinking anyway. I’d hate to travel down the world of body filler, panel replacement, and/or paint matching if it’s a slight imperfection (assuming you talk the dealership into addressing it at all). I’d be afraid I might wind up with something more noticeable than I started out with.

New door panels aren’t overly expensive.


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Charger/300 delaminated/warped interior door panels have been a problem for more than ten years, this has affected more than just the 2017 model year Charger.

Extended warranties normally do not cover interior panels, those are mechanical break down warranties.