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2017 Chevrolet Corvette trans trouble

auto trans problem
on the first shift from second to third,trans flairs up then slams into third
after the initial shift through the gears,it shifts ok. whats with that

Your car is under warranty, after it is diagnosed and repaired please post back and tell us.


Is this every time after starting the vehicle or just from a cold start?

from a cold start
first time it shifts from first to second it flairs up then slams into second.

after the first shifts it goes back to normal


will do
i have other issues , not as bad as trans


Ask the dealership if they have any software updates (re-flashes) for your car’s computers. Otherwise this seems like some kind of transmission or engine/transmission interaction malfunction. It might be something pretty simple to fix though. Does your speedometer seem to be ok, especially when this is happening?

Again, what is your service department saying? Keep all copies of your service orders and your dealers reports.

This sounds like a sluggish valve in the valve body. Try letting the engine idle for about 30 seconds right after a cold start before putting it in gear. If it doesn’t slam on the first shift, then it is most likely the valve body. I would not mention this to the dealer if it works because they will then tell you that a 30 sec warm up is required. It is not required and they need to fix the issue.

Unknowns are mileage, whether or not the transmission has ever been serviced, and whether or not the car has ever been driven hard. I know; Corvettes don’t get flogged.

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mileage 10,000km no trans service
as far as driven hard been there done that

im 75 and now take it easy, plus my wife is usually with me…


Again I ask, have you talked to the dealer as this is a warranty problem.

yes on my last oil change/
i wanted it on my work order to establish a history.

when nov. hits i will bring it in and leave it to fix other minor problems as well.