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2017 Chevrolet Colorado - Vibrations at High Speed

Truck vibrates at high speed intermittently

Yeah, a lot of them seem to do that. Isn’t it still under warranty?

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Check it out:

Might be worth a try…

Agreed on using the warranty.

It could also be tires out of balance.

Try varying the speed up/down slightly, which gear you are using, accelerating through the worse speed, coasting down in gear and in neutral through that speed. The results could provide some clues to what’s happening. It’s almost certainly some rotating component. Wheel/tire problems are common causes for this. If I had this problem , first off I’d check the static balance (bubble balance machine) for all the wheels. And while the wheels were off I’d look for bent rims, flat spots in the tread, etc.

No recent driveshaft work, right?

Wheel end vibrations occurs between 50 to 70 mph - wheel end meaning tires, wheels, brake rotors - anything rotating.

Why those speeds? Because suspensions have a resonant frequency in that range. Outside that range, the vibration is damped out by the shock absorber. .

But wheel end vibrations will be there all the time at the resonant speed, not intermittently. So try to determine what speed it is, and if you can’t reproduce it EVERY time at that speed, then it is something else. U joints come to mind as something that would be intermittent.