Intermitent Vibration 60-70 MPH

Hi folks,

In the past month our 2005 Subaru Legacy has had a vibration(intermittently) where the steering wheel going slightly back/forth 60-70 MPH. I understand a wheel balance can cause this. However intermittently does not make sense. My wife simply speeds up to 80MPH and it disappeared or less than 60.

Any clues?

Wheel end vibrations occur in the 50 to 70 mph range. Wheel end means tires, wheels, brake rotors, etc.- anything that rotates.

So it could be a tire. Try rotating the tires and see if it changes. If it doesn’t, then it’s not the tire and wheels

Check the lug nuts for tightness. This happened on my wife’s Ford Windstar on the highway. We got off at the next exit and checked the wheels. The lug nuts on a recently changed tire were slightly loose.

Ed B.